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Interleaf Composites Engineering

Advanced Materials • Advanced Design


ICE projects are as diverse in the nature of the objective as the type of system...


    • design development and structural testing of the liquid hydrogen tanks for NASA's X-33 RLV prototype
    • design development and prototype for a primarily composite (95% composite) advanced airframe and production concept for DARPA capable of delivering 65% production cost savings and 33% weight savings compared to a 72% metallic and 28% composite baseline design for the F-35 fighter
    • conceptual design and testing for the structural assembly joints for DARPA's Tier III Darkstar UAV
    • design and manufacturing development for a structurally integrated bifurcated inlet sub-system for the Joint Advanced Strike Technology program (precursor to the Joint Strike Fighter X-35 program) resulting in Lockheed Martin's first ever fiber placed structure
    • design, development, and pole model testing of an advanced composite, low observable inlet sub-system for the F-22 Raptor
    • design, development, and testing of a fully integrated, flightworthy aerocuff leading edge for the B-2
    • conceptual design and prototype part fabrication for an all-composite UAV airframe
    • structural design and analysis for several missile/rocket programs including SRAM and Pegasus


    • assembled an international design team of engineers and technology partners to design for production a full sized SUV called the Revolution capable of 100 mpg and zero emissions 
    • design for all carbon composite automotive body structures for high volume production
    • design development and production cost models for all carbon composite vehicle structures capable of being produced at 50,000 units per year at affordable economics


    • conceptual design and production solution for large surface ships (>300' in length) using large scale fiber placement of pre-preg materials and low temperature curing without the use of vacuum bags
    • materials development and fire certification of topside structures for DNV certification
    • all carbon composite sandwich topside structures for stealth concealment of ship systems and infrastructure


    • product design and development of sloped solar energy systems for large commercial rooftop applications for Fortune 500 systems integration firm
    • materials issues related to solar power generation


    • ICE engineers can provide lectures on how product design can and should be influenced by energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.  The choice of materials in any advanced technology project is the first step along the road to the sustainable application of our resources.

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